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Wisdom Tooth:

Third molar also known as wisdom teeth erupts at the age between 17years to 21 years. Since wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, there is often little room of space left to accommodate their size and structure.

Wisdom teeth may grow:
  • Horizontally(sleeping position)
  • Vertically impacted
  • Mesially tilted towards second molar.
  • Disto angular.
Why is wisdom tooth removed?
  • An infection developed from trapped food, plaque and bacteria resulting in swelling of gums known as pericoronitis.
  • Erupting in an abnormal positions.
  • Trapped below the gums line due to lake of space.
  • Due to poor hygiene of wisdom tooth resulting in tooth decay.

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How are wisdom teeth removed?
  • Oral and maxillo facial surgeons specialize in dental surgery.
  • X-ray gives the dentist a clear view of the area around the wisdom teeth, its position to determine the type of extraction. After numbing the tooth and tissues where the wisdom teeth is to be removed by local anaesthesia.
  • Tissue and bone covering the tooth will be removed by surgical instruments loosening the tooth from the surrounding connective tissue in the tooth’s socket.
  • After removing the tooth and debris the tissues is replaced by suturing for proper healing process. Follow all the instructions after surgery for full recovery followed by medication.
What are the symptoms associated with wisdom teeth problem?
  • Pain, swelling, infection, pus formation, damage to adjacent tooth.
  • Neck, ear pain & difficult in swelling.
  • Opening of mouth becomes limited (not all the time)
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Cinque Terre

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